Regarding the Restoration of the Fellowship Hall of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in North Port, Florida. Magnum Builders of Sarasota has completed our project in less than scheduled time; and Magnum Builders has completed our project at less than anticipated cost. These accomplishments were due in large part to the performance of CLINT RILEY of Magnum Builders. All this was accomplished on time when estimates are done in short time and cost to facilitate securing our contract. The Session of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church does hereby express its appreciation and admiration for the expert and professional behavior shown by Magnum Builders in general and Clint Riley specifically, throughout this project.

-- St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Magnum Builders of Sarasota Inc. for any design or construction project need that you might have. The recent completion of Charlotte County’s Fire Station 10 was a Design/Build process that was professionally executed and constructed. Remotely located on Don Padro Island, the station was a very challenging build due to the remote location which required the use of a ferry boat service. Critical timing of the high tide/low tide schedule was a big factor in the delivery of heavy materials to the job site.

In addition, the Covid pandemic was a major hindrance during the construction process, causing additional stress for the management team finding supplies, deliveries, and shortage of manpower during the build. They adapted and overcame those challenges as well. The facility was completed on time and under budget due to the hard work of Clint Riley and his management staff. The 6400 square foot facility incorporated a full commercial kitchen, fire pole, elevator, generator, and special built structural walls and building slab because of the flood zone requirements on a barrier island.

I highly recommend Clint Riley and his team for your Design & Construction needs.

-- Gary J. Burdahl, Projects Manager

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional and excellent performance your company provided on the expansion and renovation at the Venice Community Center. In particular, your project supervisor, provided excellent daily oversight for this rather complicated project. His persistent attention to the many details involved in the project was a key factor in completing the job in spite of the four hurricanes that occurred during construction. The Venice Community Center's expansion to over 27,000 sq. ft. as well as the extensive renovation to major structural features of the building required and received Magnum's best effort, which resulted in a beautiful new community center."

-- Nancy K. Woodley, Ph.D., PE

"As Principal for Sweet Sparkman Architects, I would like to confirm that our experience with Magnum Builders of Sarasota, Inc. has been, consistently, a high level of professional service. Over the past twelve years, Sweet Sparkman Architects and Magnum Builders have worked together in the field of construction and construction management. Their participation in projects have ranged from renovations, additions and new construction on public, private and institutional projects. Several of these projects, such as the Caspersen and Manasota Beach Pavilions, have won the highest award from the Florida Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for Built Work. These projects required careful attention due to their intricate detailing, accelerated time schedules and complex construction challenges due to locations in environmentally sensitive areas. Magnum Builder’s construction efforts and their ability to foresee potential challenges resulted in extraordinary  projects. In summary, Magnum Builders of Sarasota would be an excellent choice for any construction project that demands a high level of service and quality. We are pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Magnum Builders of Sarasota, Inc. Please feel free to contact our firm if we can be of any other service."

-- Todd M. Sweet, AIA, LEED AP

"As a Project Manager for the Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority (Authority), I would like confirm our experience with Magnum Builders of Sarasota, Inc. (Magnum). Magnum was the General Contractor for our Water Quality Training Facility project (WQTF) completed in 2015 at the Peace River Facility Water Treatment Plant in Desoto County. In general, the new WQTF is a 6,000sf building, and contains a state of the art water quality testing laboratory, elevator, offices, storage, and training room large enough for the entire Authority staff (45) to meet. One challenging aspect of the project was that the new WQTF building is not stand-alone, but is attached to our existing 40-year old Operations Building. Magnum’s precise demolition and facade work resulted in a seamless connection of the two buildings. Throughout the life of the project, Magnum provided a high level of professional service (the project is currently reaching the end of the 2-year correction period). Clint Riley, Sr. is Magnum’s Project Manager for the WQTF project. Clint has great communication skills is responsive and is easy to work with. The team Magnum provided also included an excellent superintendent, field staff, and proven subcontractors. Under Clint’s leadership, the WQTF project was completed on time and under budget. During the Work project challenges were consistently recognized and resolved in a proactive manner, this coupled with great quality control kept Work (Change) Orders to a minimum. Administratively, project submittals were complete, scheduling was accurate, payment applications were mistake free, and project close out documentation was well organized complete and timely submitted. We have recently contracted with Magnum for our library of Service Contractors and look forward to working with Magnum again on future projects. The Authority is pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Magnum Builders of Sarasota, Inc. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you require further information."

-- Ford Ritz, PE

"It truly was a pleasure working with you and your team on the renovation project at our Main Street headquarters. I appreciate you and your staff’s hard work in completing this project on time, under budget and within a very short window of   time. While I haven’t worked with you on previous projects, I can see why Magnum Builders has been the contractor of choice for the Herald Tribune Media Group for the last 10 years. Because of your commitment to excellence and the professionalism of your staff I am happy to recommend Magnum to other businesses needing construction services. I look forward to working with you again."

-- Benji Dyches

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