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Sarasota County - Manasota Beach Park

Magnum Builders provided the General Contracting services to construct this project. The scope of work consisted of constructing a new elevated restroom pavilion, including facilities for Lifeguard/Safety Services offices with a restroom and shower. This pavilion was seaward of the Coastal Construction Setback Line requiring a Department of Environmental Protection Permit and compliance with the structural limitations imposed by the State of Florida. In addition to this structure, there was extensive Landscape and Hardscape construction performed under this project scope. A second structure for the use of Facilities Maintenance and the Lifeguard Services for the park was built landward of the coastal setback along the intercoastal waterway. The project also included a boardwalk and a dune crossover structure constructed within the environmentally sensitive dune system of the beach. Paved and unpaved parking improvements and expansion were also included in this project.

Magnum Builders’ Impact to the Success of the Project:

Manasota Beach Park is a very popular Sarasota County Park and had to remain open during the construction phase. The phasing plan prepared by the design team included keeping the existing restrooms open during most of the construction phase. Upon locating the new structure, Magnum Builders found that the deep excavations required for the new restroom pavilion (14’ below existing grade) were precariously close to the pathway to the existing restroom for use by the park patrons. Magnum Builders agreed to provide temporary facilities at no cost to Sarasota County to allow for the removal of the restroom building earlier in the schedule to improve safety and also to have all construction completed in a shorter time frame.