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Sarasota Bradenton International Airport - Vehicle Storage Facility

Sarasota Bradenton International Airport developed a need for storing some of their specialty fleet vehicles in a secure structure as opposed to their storage at outdoor parking areas exposed to weather.  Magnum Builders constructed a 10,000 SF pre-engineered storage building to house their fleet equipment.  The Project included paved access areas that connected to the Airport Perimeter Road.

All of the work was within the ‘Airside’ of the security fencing.  This required all workers and onsite management to obtain security clearance and airport issued badges to enter the site.  All materials were delivered through secure access gates and inspected by SRQ security before delivery to the site.

This project was completed on time and under the budget.  A significant savings was designed into the project by Magnum using the electrical, data and fire alarm panel in the adjacent Maintenance Facility (100 yards away) rather than installing all stand-alone systems and utilities in this new building.