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Heart Specialists of Sarasota

Magnum Builders of Sarasota was contracted to provide Construction Management at Risk Services with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) including Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering required to permit and construct the completion of medical workspace as requested by Heart Specialists of Sarasota (HSS)– a medical practice.  The space was designed and engineered to accommodate an expansion of the current medical facility of HSS.  This project was required to be planned for a fast track of completion due to the rapid expansion of the HSS medical practice.

The Magnum Team identified the elements of this complex project that were driving the critical path tasks and could possibly impede the fast completion of the project.  The Team’s pre-construction Electrical Engineering work required finding the fastest method to provide 3-phase power for the CT/PET equipment included in this project.  This power service did not exist at the building location nor at any easily reached location near the building.  Our Engineers working with FPL (the local power utility) were able to design a separate service with a step-up transformer that would meet the power demand of the new medical imaging equipment. This could be accomplished much faster than waiting for delivery of a new transformer service from FPL.  Additional long procurement duration items were identified, such as the lead barrier glass for the CT Control Rood Window, Lead Lined doors and walls, and electrical panel and meter gear.  The CT equipment had already been purchased by the HSS medical practice and was ready to be installed as fast as Magnum could complete the construction.

This project was completed ahead of schedule due to the creative Engineering work-around for 3-phase power.  The final project cost was completed under the GMP by 5%.