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Fire Station #4 Replacement - Sarasota, FL

Sarasota County Fire Station #4, located within the City of Sarasota on City owned property, is a prototype for what is currently a 4 person per shift fire/emergency rescue unit.  In order to meet upcoming NFPA standards the facility is designed to house 6 person shifts and 8 person shifts if and when those regulations go into effect. The building is a replacement for one that is currently on a site that includes a park and an area of community garden plots.  On the site plan the existing building is hatched in over the new building.  While the new is almost twice the size of the previous structure, it is located further back from both Old Bradenton Rd. on the West and 36th Street to the North.  This was accomplished without disturbing either the garden plots or the park.   Also, only one significant oak tree had to be removed to construct the building. Additional traffic control devices were also added along Old Bradenton Road for quicker safer response.  One is a remote device that controls the traffic signal at the intersection of Myrtle & Old Bradenton Rd., and the other is a caution/red light at the south corner of the main drive.

Magnum Builders provided a successful project while working closely with a very interested neighborhood association.  Magnum provided regular updates to the construction schedule and was particularly careful to coordinate work close to the community garden that is located within feet of the new Firehouse.

Moving forward 16 years after we originally built Fire Station #4, Sarasota County hired Magnum to provide a refresh to the interiors and the mechanical HVAC systems. We provided a remodel to the kitchen area, circulation areas, added Icynene Spray Foam insulation throughout the entire underside of the roof deck and gable walls, replaced all of the HVAC ductwork, installed new HVAC equipment, outdoor air units, and new LED lighting.