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Cardinal Mooney High School Security Upgrades & Office

This project addressed the Security Upgrades mandated by the Sarasota County School Board and Superintendent. The project scope included the redesign of the existing reception counter area in order to provide a bullet proof area. The project included ballistics glazing, impact film (over existing doors/windows), ballistics armor plating at the walls, access control systems (at entry doors), new storefront windows at the kindergartner wing, security fencing/gates, an addition of (4) new classroom portables including all required infrastructure, site grading and storm drainage, and over 3,000 SF of new sidewalks, and a new fire access road.

Magnum Builders’ Impact to the Success of the Project:

This project began at the end of June 2018 during the summer after all of the design documents were completed based upon the various changes that needed to be made in order to meet the Owner’s Budget. Magnum’s main focus was getting as much of the work completed during the summer break as possible. The focus was on the security fencing/gates, classroom portables (100% complete), site work, sidewalks, and the new structural walls that would support the ballistics glazing and ballistics armor plating. We wanted to ensure that when the school staff and children returned, that they couldn’t tell we had been there. Our plan was to finish up the long lead type of items (i.e. ballistics glazing, storefront windows, hollow metal doors, and access control hardware) after school hours and/or on the weekends so as to not impact the School Staff and Children during the school days. Towards the end of September, the Principal requested some additional work be completed. We were successful in completing the additional scope of work and getting the project wrapped up earlier than anticipated.