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Ashton Elementary School

Magnum performed this project as a Design-Build / Construction Manager at Risk. The project included new security fence and gates, security door upgrades and remodel of administration offices all during Summer Break (8 weeks). The School Board was hesitant about doing this project due to the amount of work to be required in such a short time frame (The School Summer Break was shortened in 2017 by 2 full weeks). Magnum Builders schedule and planning convinced the School Board to proceed. Magnum was able to deliver this project with a “CO” the day before School started.

Magnum Builders’ Impact to the Success of the Project:

Magnum was able to deliver this fast-tracked project that many thought couldn’t be done in such a short time frame. The project Design Team expedited the design process and Magnum worked diligently on getting quick bids and ensured every subcontractor understood the fast-tracked schedule. We required all subcontractors to meet or exceed the schedule before we would entertain their bids. With tremendous support from Sarasota County Schools (Mike Foley and Ernie DuBose II) we were able to get this project permitted and underway very quickly. This project was a testament to the Design-Build Process and the collaboration between the Design-Builders, design team, and Owner.